Merchant Signup FAQ

Must I have a Store in order to sell on web-mega-mall?

Yes(**), iSSC main objective is to assist small merchants from Montreal ,Toronto and Vancouver in selling their products online without the hassles of time and financial commitment.

(**)You must own a physical store and have inventory.

What happen after I signup?

After signup you will be emailed with a merchant account and access password. To manage your store inventory, review shipping orders and review payments.

What if I want my owed my customized eCommerce?

iSSC Consulting can help build your customized eCommerce

iSSC eCommerce

iSSC assists merchants sell their products online without hassles at web-mega-mall. Most products can be shipped throughout Canada and the U.S.

Standard eCommerce

iSSC gives your store the freedom to sell as many as 100 different products online without the hassles of developing complicate and costly ecommerce website, is FREE TO SIGNUP(*), and ONLY 19.95/month with annual commitment or $22.95/monthly.

Small Store eCommerce

Small Store allows you to sell as many as 200 different items on the internet without the hassles of complicated programming, is FREE TO SIGNUP(*) and $29.95/Month with annual commitment OR $32.95/monthly.

Mega Store eCommerce

Top of the line premium package allows you to sell as many as 1000 different products online. is FREE TO SIGNUP(*)and $49.95/Month with annual commitment or $53.95/monthly.

iSSC eCommerce

Why Choose US

iSSC assist merchants sale their products online without hassle or time commitment. Within 24hrs our iSSC Team can assist you to your products online.
There is no financial committment, except for the monthly fee, You don't sale you don't pay.
The Merchant gets pay within 72 hrs as soon as the sale occurred.

What We Do

Customized Web Apps

Develop Customized eCommerce Solutions.

Support 24x7

Send us Questions at, we will respond within 24hrs.

eMail Campaign

Your products are sold through eMail Campaign.

Data Centric

Provide Efficiency Through Cloud Computing.

Web Mega Mall

Sale your products online NOW!

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