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 KFC - Canada

  Microsoft Online Store Can/U.S., South America & Europe

 Newegg Computer- Canada and U.S.

 Prepaid Visa & Giftcard - Canada  & U.S.

 Sugar Trends - Germany & Europe

 TakeToys - HongKong and Asia

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Free Crypto-currencies

Where to Start?
Crypto-Currencies nowaday are manies, iSSC's focus on three most recognized ones; Bitcoin, Ethureum, and LiteCoin.

Whether you earned them through tasks accomplishment, mining, purchase, or trade on the crypto-currencies market you must have a wallet and an Fiat output center to convert into currencies of your choice. Some shops would accept crypto-currencies as form of payments.

Mining Pools?
You can joint a mining pool to efficiently solve puzzles, rewards are distributed among pool's miners based on harsh rate per second. It also allows you to mine on multi-ports or algorithms. Some mining pool you must pay a fee while orthers are free..

Buying Hash 
This option is not recommended for beginners, generally, the cost of buying hash, usually, is higher than the rewards. 

Cloud Mining Farms
Cloud mining utilize remote data-center hash power, these type of crypto-currencies mining allows for miners to buy greater hash power and remotely manage the mining process through cloud's services.

Play games for free Crypto-Currencies
Certain types of mobile games or desktop games will reward you for playing with crypto-currencies. You need a wallet and must provide the wallet address to the Game App's for rewards transfer.

Complete Tasks for free Crypto-Currencies

Certain marrketing app's would ask you to complete tasks for crypto-currencies reward. These tasks are in generally related to marketing surveys, testing or debbuging software's functionalities.

Forecast bitcoin Price

What's is a wallet?  

A wallet is an electronic address of your crypto-currencies repository. You must make  a regular backup of that wallet. Otherwise, you might loose your your crypto-coins

Which wallet is suitable for you?  

Is best to choose a business that is registered in your country and have actual business physical locations that can be verified. You must have a wallet for each currency.

What are Mining Pools?

Bitcoin mining pools are places that crypto-currencies miners pool their resources and combined their hashing power while sharing the reward equally according to the amount of hash they contributed to solving a block.

Antpool seem to be the largest pool in terms of has power and it is based in China. The Farm is operated by the world largest bitcoin hardware company.

Most mining farms are for free while some not.


What are Crypto-Currencies Faucets?

Crypto-Currencies faucets is a reward system that ties to a website or a mobil app that offer satoshi as a form of crypto-currencies.

In some instance you can earn more crypto-currencies than other ways of acquiring when compare cost and reward. Crypto-Currencies faucets are for free.


Crypto Mining

You can run bitcoin mining on your desktop computer or newer laptop. Depend on your setting and algorithm available. In sum is between. $40.00 USD to $200.00 USD per Amun, based on $40,584.44 (USD) per bitcoin.

Mining on Computer for beginners
NiceHash is one of the many mines that we like, due to algorithms availibilty for low-end CPU and GPU mining. 

1- my login
2- Signup for a new account.
3- Download new Nicehash mining software.
4- Login nicehash account.
5- Click on Mining Icon Top Middle-Left Corner.
6- Top Right Corner Download Miner Software.
a. NiceHash Miner
  i. AMD, Intel, and Nvidia.
  ii. Release · nicehash/NiceHashMiner · GitHub.


Intel i5-10400 est. $74.00 USD/Yr

Intel i7-10400 est. $116.00 USD/Yr

Intel i9-10400 est. $130.00 USD/Yr

AMD Ryzen 5 - 2600X est. $96.00 USD/Yr

AMD Ryzen 5 -3600XT est. $136.00 USD

AMD Ryzen 7 -3700X est. $186.00 USD


Nvidia GTX 1050ti est. $275.00 USD/YR

Nvidia GTX 1060  est. $586.00 USD/YR

Nvidia GTX 1080 est. $1050.00 USD/YR

Nvidia GTX 1080 est. $1050.00 USD/YR





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